Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Iguazu Falls

Waterfalls that come from strong swift rivers
that grow from small rivers
that grow from streams
that grow from a small trickel
emerging from the earth

Each of us is that trickel that emerges from the earth,
from Panchamama as she is called here in Argentina.

Each one of us has water that we bring to the earth
that we bring to each other
that we bring to the struggle

And like a trickel of a creek,
we can flow down the mountains
over the body of the earth

to join with the waters of others
to join with rivers
to join with powerful curerents

Currents of change
Currents of healing
for ourselves
for our communities
for our earth,

Who gave us life
Who Supports us
Who loves us endlessly

We have a choice
to join with others in community
and make our waters stronger
to become rivers
to become falls cascading over valleys and rocks
bringing life to the land

or to simply let our trickle flow
in isolation
and water what we can.

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