Tuesday, November 17, 2009


I am writing you from an internet cafe in Cordoba Argentina! I´ve had an amazing journey thus far. I´ve been here a week and I´ve already marched in the streets of Buenos Aires with some union workers who were laid off, wandered all around a wildlife preserve in Buenos Aires, rode a Collectiva to BA and spent an amazing weekend with the family of my dear friend Karina (¡hola mi amor me encanta su familia!).
It´s been an amazing journey thus far. Buenos Aires is quite a city. Full of beautiful people and known for it´s activism. My second day I saw three different protests! How organized people are here! I can tell I´m going to learn alot from my time down here--I already have! I joined with the union workers to block traffic for a bit (totally not an issue with the cops here for blocking traffic here...it was like an everyday thing for them...the passers by were honking and waving in support!!) Employment is a big problem here and many don´t have work and many of those who do don´t have enough work. Later, I wandered over to the wildlife reserve and saw some of the most amazing birds! Totally new and I´m slowly through conversation figuring out the names for some. My time in the reserve reminded me how much i wanted to get out of the city.
So after a few days I rode a collectiva (a bus) to Cordoba Capìtal. I arrived late in the night because our bus broke down, but the breakdown landed me in a cafe with some loveley old ladies which included a firey discussion of the local politics! Cool huh? I could understand most of it, but my spanish isn´t quite good enough to really understand everything when they´re fired up about politics...yet. :) So I arrived at the house of a dear friend of Karina´s late in the evening and the next day we headed North to La Cumbre, the town that Karina and Clara are from (well clara´s from all over but she lived in La Cumbre for a bit) and had a beautiful weekend!!!!! I visited with Karinas family and heard all kinds of stories about her youth (que lindo!) and that evening we went to a peña, a folk musical performance. It was beautiful! The music was amazing...guitar from heaven and the voices of the musicians were so strong and full of emotion...reminded me of that record I used to listen to of yours dad...qulupayan i think they´re names were....??? Then I went out dancing with a friend until 5:30 in the morning in capilla del monte!!!! (that´s right, i was out til 5:30 AM!!!!) Many locals say there are lots of UFO sightings in Capilla but I didn´t see one :(
The next day I had a wonderful asado with Carmen and family and then we went to visit more family up on the mountain and see the trees that Karina planted when she visited a few months ago. The trees were more beautiful than i had imagined and they have a great view of the whole valley! SO beautiful!!!!
But my friends, I must ask you for a favor. Here there has been a drought for almost a year. The people are suffering because there is very little water and it´s turned off for days at a time to conserve. The animals don´t have enough to drink and the plants are suffering and dying because there is no water. ON Saturday, there was a fire that spread across a few mountains killing many plants. It´s very scary for folks because there isn´t water to put out a fire either. Please, if you´re the praying type, included prayers for rain in Cordoba and La Cumbre in your prayers because we need it bad! If you know any good rain spells or medicine, please let me know!!!!!
Today, I began my spanish class in Cordoba. It´s fun to be in school again and I just LOVE speaking spanish so I´m having a blast. It´s hard to understand the accent here and many of the words for things are different but I´m starting to get the hang of it. On Sunday, upon my arrival in Cordoba, Santiago, my friend´s son, who´s 7, told me my spanish had improved. I beleive it coming from him.
I´m here in Cordoba for the next two weeks and then I´m off to the mountains.
I hope things are going well on the homfront. I thought of you SFOP folks on Sunday as the wind blew through the trees, I realized that the Citywide action was at that very time. I hope it went well.
With love for yall and an open heart for the next step of the journey.....

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